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About the Summit

The Bridging the Gap Summit 2024: A vibrant platform nurturing collaboration, innovation, and African economic growth. Uniting 2,500+ public and private sector executives, including Heads of State, global investors, and multilateral stakeholders, it aims to unite and fuel African economic development. 

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Summit Sponsorship offers a diverse range of benefits to your company, such as brand recognition, complimentary conference registrations, and facilitated private meetings. Your sponsorship not only enables this distinctive event but also fosters enhanced trade and investment between the African American and African business communities.

Who Should Attend

We anticipate 1,000 Summit attendees, comprising influential partners, leaders, and decision-makers from both the government and private sectors operating within Africa’s pivotal industries (e.g., energy, mining, agribusiness, health, ICT, etc.). These individuals will spearhead increased trade, investment, and commercial partnerships between African America and Africa.

CEOs and Business Leaders

CEOs and leaders of businesses seeking to explore investment opportunities, expand market presence, and contribute to economic development in both South Africa and the broader African continent.

Investors and Financiers

Institutional and individual investors looking to diversify portfolios, identify sustainable investment opportunities, and engage with key decision-makers in the African business landscape.

Government Officials and Policymakers

National and international government officials, policymakers, and diplomats involved in shaping economic policies, governance, and fostering collaboration between nations.

Industry Experts and Professionals

Professionals from various industries including technology, energy, agriculture, tourism, and infrastructure, who aim to stay updated on sector-specific trends, innovations, and investment prospects.

Financial strategists seeking practical insights into customizing investment portfolios, and legal experts interested in understanding regulatory landscapes in African markets.

Entrepreneurs and Start-up Enthusiasts

Entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to foster innovation, collaborate with investors, and contribute to the dynamic start-up ecosystem in South Africa.

Tourism and Hospitality Professionals

Professionals from the tourism and hospitality sectors aiming to explore transformative opportunities, sustainable practices, and contribute to positioning South Africa as a key destination for business and leisure travelers.

International Business and Economic Analysts

Analysts, researchers, and consultants specializing in international business and economics seeking to gain insights into global collaboration trends, economic outlooks, and investment opportunities in Africa.

NGO and Development Organizations

Representatives from non-governmental organizations and development agencies interested in contributing to sustainable economic growth, job creation, and community development initiatives in South Africa.

Students and Academia

Students, researchers, and academics interested in gaining knowledge about the economic landscape of South Africa and contributing to academic discussions on global collaboration and development.

Country Sessions

The Summit extends invitations to countries interested in providing insights into their investment climate and regulations to private sector decision-makers seeking new opportunities. These 1.5-hour sessions are organized and conducted by the public sector of the featured country, offering investors from both the U.S. and Africa the chance to understand market entry or expansion strategies. Includes Summit registration for two (2) individuals.

Trade & Investment Forum

Summit highlights key sectors—technology, agriculture, healthcare. Engage in discussions, panels, workshops for sector exploration.

Tourism Promotion

Explore rich cultural heritage, attractions. Networking, cultural showcases encourage cross-border tourism, exchange opportunities.

Networking & Partnership Building

Summit provides a conducive environment for networking, matchmaking, partnership building. Participants forge alliances, explore collaborations.

Featured Experts

Bridging the GAP Summit 2024, where each day is designed to inspire collaboration, innovation, and economic growth.

Dr Ameenah Gurib Fakim
Dr Ameenah Gurib Fakim Former President of Mauritius
Alhaj Habib Kagimu
Alhaj Habib Kagimu Chairman Hyrax Oil
Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis Former Mayor Macon
Baker Kabanda
Baker Kabanda Author - Bridging the Gap

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